Travel Itineraries: Kuala Lumpur


Part of an assignment to research and create travel itineraries
for destinations all around the world, for different types of travelers.
This installment: Kuala Lumpur.

I’m not sure if it’s too wise to admit it, but before this assignment I didn’t know much about Malaysia. (In fact, if you had asked me the name of this city, I’d have called it “Kuala Lam-pur.”) Researching articles like these can teach you a lot — especially when the first lesson is how far behind you are in learning.

That education started with my first sentence. Tin mining? I didn’t know that adding a tin alloy helps strengthen some metals, like copper, and I marveled how someone, somewhere, millennia ago, had already figured that out and determined how to smelt tin from ores. It only got more interesting from there.

Head here for a three-day “Cultural Treasures” adventure,
and here for a two day “Culinary Tour.”

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