Travel Itineraries: Reynolds-Lake Oconee, Georgia


Part of an assignment to research and create travel itineraries
for destinations all around the world, for different types of travelers.
This installment: Reynolds Lake Oconee, Georgia.

One of the trade-offs of commercial writing is that there’s no guarantee the client will love what you created. (I have a good record of escaping relatively unscathed, but I never assume that’ll be the case.) Changes are to be expected, and it’s important to keep in mind they’re usually not a reflection or indictment of your writing. Most of the time, there’s a new development the client is keen to include … but just in case, I’m always interested to see what gets swapped in or out.

(In this case, I noticed the word sylvan didn’t make the final cut, and a few suggestions were swapped out to make room for new things the property likely wanted to promote. The perils of a finite word count! And when I found out that sylvan got cut here, I sneaked it into a different itinerary.)

Head here for a five-day “Family Vacation Fun” piece,
and here for a three-day “Perfect Weekend” itinerary.

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