At Home in Tucson: Dorado magazine


I particularly enjoy writing articles about homes and their owners because the core components of such pieces are elements that I enjoy and respect:


The Culinary Magic of Smoke



“For thousands of years, people have used fire to cook. Only more recently has its aromatic essence, smoke, begun to infuse dishes and cocktails with its heavenly flavor, elevating classic recipes to new heights by infusing them with unique depth.”

At Home in Santa Fe: Dorado magazine


A few of my favorite former co-workers just celebrated the two-year anniversary of founding their own boutique content agency. Check them out, if only because every once in a while they throw me a writing gig. This one profiles a home outside Santa Fe that went through a stellar remodel, thanks to French & French Interiors.

I’m particularly pleased that they let me use the word fenestration. I don’t think I’ll ever be writing an article that naturally incorporates defenestration,* so this shall suffice as my close happy second.

* It means “throwing someone (or, less thrillingly, something) out a window.”
Who decided that needed its own word?

Dorado magazine, September/October 2016 (interactive issue here)

Download the PDF version of the article here.

10 Magnificent Sites Made by Water


Delta-Faucet-10-Sites-Water“When news broke that streaks and slope lines on the surface of Mars might have been caused by water, it revitalized discussion about whether the Red Planet could also be sustaining some forms of life. It also inspired us to take a look some 37 million miles closer to home to spotlight some of the most extraordinary sights and sites on Earth … all made possible thanks to good old H20.”

Head here for the full piece (and look at some amazing photos)
at Delta Faucet’s “Inspired Living” site.

The Only 4 Things That Belong On Your Kitchen Counter


“No more ‘Bless This Mess.’ It’s time to repress it.
We’re not advocating a full-on KonMari kitchen.
But only the items below truly merit permanent
residency on your countertops; the rest should
probably be stowed in a cabinet or drawer until
you actually need to use them.”

Head here for the full piece at Delta Faucet’s “Inspired Living” site.