Blind Tiger: Team-Building Invites

Design, Editing, Internal Communications, Writing

A mysterious email from “Blind Tiger” appears in your inbox, telling you to block out your calendar on a specific day. Only that morning do you finally learn what you’re in for: an afternoon out of the office, with up to eight fellow co-workers.

Charged with creating an event that would build community among three particular departments at work, I opted instead to create a secretive series that would keep employees talking about Project Blind Tiger for weeks, as each group discovered and returned from its own unique adventure.

Activities ranged from relaxing (lunch on the patio of a Mexican restaurant) to raucous (firing rounds at an indoor shooting range). Attendees—and, when applicable, teammates—were determined in advance to maximize cross-department mingling.

I created separate 10 adventures, wrote and designed the invites, and even crisscrossed the Valley to pick up and pay for the necessary gift cards and passes in advance so everyone could enjoy their afternoons with only one requirement: “Take photos.”